Cutline Theme

I’ve settled for Cutline 1.x by Chris Pearson. It’s not as zen as my old design, but it’s nice and clean and more efficient.

Here are a few suggestions for improvement for the 1.x version (don’t like much 2.x):

  • Remove the italics from BLOCKQUOTE. The indentation, left border and gray text are enough of a highlight.

  • The green “Search” field is too flashy. How about plain gray? OTOH, this is almost like a branding element for Cutline, so I understand if you’d like to keep it.

  • Would be great if the topmost pages were listed in the top menu, along with the link to FRONT PAGE. Why the default (broken) link to Archives?

  • Love the 404 page! I would maybe put the “Easy, tiger. This is a 404 page.” title in red. Come to think of it, not everyone knows what a 404 is, maybe there should be a clear “Page not found” message too.

  • Please mention the author in the post pages meta-data line.

  • To further clean things up, I would have the Tags Iine just under the meta-data line.

  • Please remove the “Comments” link from the meta-data line, having it at the end is great and enough.

  • More about the meta-data line: I think it would look bette in Arial or another sans-serif font, and in regular, not italic fonts.

  • I would love it if each post had a wrapper div in the posts list and on the post page. It would be awesome if each one of these divs had a class="category1 category2 tag1 tag2" atached to them.

  • Seems to me the feed links are hard-coded to the root URL, so a plugin like FeedBurner FeedSmith doesn’t work properly, not sure why.

So, thanks for Cutline, Chris! It’s the cleanest theme out there and a pleasure to use. I only wish it wasn’t so popular, seems like more and more bloggers are adopting it :-)